Hudson Meridian

Hudson Meridian Construction Group (Hudson Meridian) is one of the leading north east construction services firms, offering a unique combination of construction expertise to private and public sector owners. As construction services specialists, Hudson Meridian’s staff possess the skill to perform as Construction Managers, Program Managers, and General Contractors to serve the specific needs of our clients.

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Hudson Meridian considers a successful safety, health and environmental management program of primary significance to its business. Hudson Meridian is committed to the continual improvement of safety, health and environmental performance and the advancement of safety, health and environmental standards. Hudson Meridian’s overall goal is to protect both people and the environment. Hudson Meridian recognizes that attaining the absolute goal of causing no harm to people or the environment is extremely challenging and will work with clients, suppliers and the workforce towards achieving this goal.

It is the policy of Hudson Meridian to:

  1. Pursue high standards of safety, health and environmental management as an integral part of efficient business management and ensure that the decision making process related to other business priorities take into account safety and health issues and
  2. Observe all federal, state and local legislation applicable and particular to the construction
  3. Develop construction systems and procedures that set effective safety and health
  4. Inspect, initiate and audit construction operations for worker
  5. Establish practices and procedures to address the selection and performance of all subcontractors performing contractual obligations at Hudson Meridian
  6. Develop and review safety and health performance indicators including:
    • Hudson Meridian employee training
    • Subcontractor prequalification
    • Inspection findings

For more information regarding Hudson Meridian’s Safety Policies or any safety-related questions, please contact Walter Haas, Vice President of Risk Management at